Hybrid Teams Management in VUCA World with Implementation of IR 5.0

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    1 years (2 semesters)
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The only such Postgraduate Studies in Poland that combine theoretical and practical skills to manage hybrid, super-teams (equipped with intelligent and creative digital and communication solutions), innovative, multicultural, automated and distributed teams in a rapidly evolving digital society based on high-tech industry and intelligent communication processes. This study embrace a business and ethical “human-robot” relationship. Teach an understanding of the interdependencies and interferences of changing ways of doing work and managing team processes.

To manage teams in the VUCA age (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), we should be aware of the changes variations that this kind of environment can cause. With this Hybrid Teams Management in VUCA World with Implementation of IR 5.0 program, you will join the ranks of professionals who boldly create channels of communication and business development channels where people meet virtual reality, robotic processes and other people with different traditions, languages and ways of thinking.

From the very beginning of your studies, you will experience a hybrid relationship with other people (students, professors, practitioners) who share one goal – the joy of learning and implementing the leading methodologies of the future that will change the path of your professional development once and for all.

If you are ready for a change, we invite you to join us.

Not only will you experience new tools and techniques for working with teams, but you will understand the philosophical aspects of digital change and new forms of human relationship building in a networked society. You will easily combine the work in multi-team and robotic environments, both in startup and local environments, as well as in large enterprises and multinational and multicultural clusters of different industries.
You will be prepared to lead innovative teams at every stage of the business, skillfully selecting communication channels and preparing change digitizing processes in hybrid teams.
Expert knowledge and innovative approach to education – our experts are academic scientists and researchers with years of professional and educational experience. They are also diplomats and business developers, leaders of digital transformation, who use the knowledge they impart in their experience at work and can effectively share even the most complex phenomena of digital reality.
You will test your knowledge and skills through exercises and workshops. You will find out what it is like in practice (online and offline) to negotiate with a strong negotiator in a team and/or a foreign partner. You will try to lead technological and communication change in your own teams, on which you will practice leadership skills and process management techniques



  • You will learn the tools and acquire the soft skills of effective scheduling of distributed multicultural teams and agile team self-organization.
  • You will learn the latest applications, digital and augmenting reality tools for measuring team effectiveness, group facilitation, efficient communication and data analysis, also supported by intelligent devices that not only automate the processivity of tasks, but become part of the group in the form of specialized robots, machines and cyborgs.
  • You will learn about the latest research how language and psychosomatic constructs affect the way you think and understand reality and build a sense of your identity, personality, consciousness, and relationships with others.
  • You will understand the philosophical aspects of digital change and new forms of human relationship building in a networked society.
  • You will learn how to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the information you share, as well as cybersecurity.
  • You will understand the mechanisms of human-robot and human-computer relationships.
  • You will understand the political and cultural changes that are impacting the digitization of team and project work organizations.
  • The Graduate Seminar will be an opportunity for open discussion and the creation of work based on innovative methods of communication and management both in practice and in theory – it will be a contribution to entering a completely new path of professional and intellectual development.
  • Classes are taught in a hybrid concept and/or adapted to the current economic climate using modern distance learning techniques (we are on three training platforms: MS Teams, Virtual University and Moodle.


You will gain knowledge in:

  • Networked, hybrid, distributed and super-communication;
  • The formation and sustainability of project teams, group talent, and situational leaders;
  • Analysis and performance measurement of teams and automated processes;
  • The fundamentals of AI, transhumanism, digitization, and business automation;
  • Teamwork ethics and super teams;
  • Higher forms of management and internal communication based on the latest technological solutions, expanding reality;
  • Negotiation, mediation, ways of thinking in language and psychosomatic communication;
  • Globalization, migration and digitalization of life.


You will gain practical competencies in the areas of:

  • Management of virtual, distributed, hybrid and super teams;
  • Management of automatic processes in innovative teams, assisted by AI and robots;
  • Management of change, talent, diversity and the transgressive nature of teams;
  • Effective communication in multicultural, digital, and robotic environments;
  • Conflict resolution, effective mediation and negotiation, and competency management in teams of the future;
  • Advanced qualitative and quantitative research techniques;
  • Preparing concepts and implementing internal, persuasive, and psychosomatic communication;
  • Knowledge and intellectual property management;
  • Talent development and recruitment for the jobs of the future;
  • Conflict resolution in the enterprise and problem prevention in human-robot cooperation.


For whom:
Hybrid Teams Management in VUCA World with Implementation of IR 5.0 is a postgraduate diploma study designed for future managers, supervisors and leaders of modern cooperative teams and super-teams (including automated, intelligent, cognitive teams); communication specialists in multicultural teams from different industries and project methodologies (one of the few studies preparing to work in agile environments and QRM methodologies). It is also a study for visionaries and creators of new jobs based on predictions and talent analysis for specific projects, created by teams of people and artificial cybernetic organisms and viral programs.
With these studies, you will join the ranks of professionals who boldly create channels of communication and business development where humans meet virtual reality, robotization of processes, and other humans with different traditions, language, and ways of thinking.

Career prospects:

  • Academic and research institutions;
  • Multinational companies and clusters;
  • Start-ups and innovation teams;
  • Communication, HR and development departments;
  • Managerial and leadership positions in agile and traditional teams;
  • Business consulting and communication consulting;
  • Coach and trainer of communication, negotiation and mediation in business;
  • Leader of integrated teams and super-teams;
  • Internal communications specialist;
  • Automated and augmented communication specialist;
  • Specialist in communication in super-teams;
  • Change implementation and communication specialist in various teamwork methodologies;
  • Manager of innovative communication in digital and mixed environments;
  • Development and internal communication expert in innovative business, scientific and social project environments;
  • HR manager;
  • Consultant in HR consulting companies.



Collegium Civitas Admissions Office
phone: +48 508 929 652
email: admissions@civitas.edu.pl

room 1210, Palace of Culture and Science, 12th floor
1 Defilad Square, 00-901 Warsaw, Poland


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