International Relations

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  1. Degree:
    Bachelor’s degree (undergraduate; Licencjat)
  2. Mode:
  3. Language of instruction:
  4. Duration of study:
    3 years (6 semesters)
  5. Field of study:
    International Relations

Do you plan your career in international environment? Can you see yourself working in European Union’s administrative structures? Would you like to be a diplomat? Study at Collegium Civitas – modern, multicultural university in the heart of Warsaw, Poland! International Relations programme at our university offers a unique opportunity for students to choose academic courses that suit their personal career path e.g. in diplomacy, international business or political consulting. The programme aims at preparing students for analytical research on structures, and key factors necessary to understand international dynamics. It explores the processes and conceptions behind international relations, analysing the role of states, multinational corporations, and international organizations.

Our Bachelor’s degree International Relations programme links strong theoretical and practical dimensions to meet the needs of the labour market. It was designed to fully equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to start a career in the international realm as well as successfully pursuing a Master’s Degree in international relations or related fields. The courses are led by former foreign and European ministers, ambassadors, CEO of think-tanks and respectable European scholars.

During the studies you will gain knowledge in:

  • international politics
  • international economics
  • international public law
  • world history
  • philosophy and ethics
  • diplomacy
  • international negotiations
  • international business
  • media’s role in international politics and diplomacy

You will gain practical skills in:

  • analysing and drawing conclusions based on critical understanding of key events in international politics;
  • critically assessing data, information and ideas;
  • developing a greater awareness of the key concepts and theories used to explain contemporary international events;
  • oral and written communication in international and multicultural environment;
  • presenting and negotiating.

Job prospects:

  • International-global organizations (for example the UN, World Bank),
  • Regional organizations (for example the EU, ASEAN),
  • Diplomatic service,
  • National parliaments,
  • Institutions of the European Union,
  • Think-tanks,
  • Non-Governmental Organizations,
  • International business sector.


Collegium Civitas Admissions Office
phone: +48 508 929 652

room 1210, Palace of Culture and Science, 12th floor
1 Defilad Square, 00-901 Warsaw