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Intensive social life is an inevitable part of being a student. There are many exciting things you can do before or after your classes, and you can feel that you are living in a big vibrant city and the variety of choices is increasing all the time. Warsaw is known for its well-developed cinema culture. You can enjoy going to modern multiplex cinemas to watch recent box office hits. If you a fan of independent cinema, there are few small venues where you can see movies that most people have never heard of. Most of the cinemas offer a discount for students.

There is always a lot of fun when you catch up with your friends over lunch or dinner. The choice of restaurants in Warsaw is truly impressive. Students usually live on small budgets, but it doesn’t mean you should not enjoy eating out. There are plenty of inexpensive places, where you can order a good meal.

Whether it is your weekly Friday night out or you feel the Saturday night fever, going out in the evening is one of the most important habits of your student life routine. Enjoy this wild time while it lasts. Warsaw night clubs will always make you feel good.

Warsaw is a modern city with a great history and many historical places. It has been home to legendary figures like Maria Skłodowska-Curie and Fryderyk Chopin. There are museums where you can meet with the history of Warsaw, such as the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów or Warsaw Rising Museum. If you want to visit more interactive places, you should go to the Copernicus Science Centre or “Cosmos Muzeum”.


Kinoteka, the Palace of Culture and Science
Due to the fact that Collegium Civitas is located right in the city center, you are never far from exciting places. Kinoteka is a modern cinema complex located in the iconic building of the Palace of Culture and Science. It combines the tradition and atmosphere of 50 years of the post-war history of Warsaw with modernity, meeting the highest standards of cinema halls. Here you can watch ambitious art movies as well as box office hits. Enjoy the shows and don’t forget to ask for a student discount before you buy a ticket.

Kultura Cinema, Krakowskie Przedmieście
This is a trendy small cinema located just across the street from the Presidential Palace. It is often visited by fans of independent movies from all over the globe. There is a nice restaurant there, where you can order a drink before or after the show.

Cinema City, Powsińska Street, Sadyba Best Mall
Here is a place for fans of modern technology. With a gigantic screen and 3D movies, the viewer will be transported straight to the world of fantasy. Note, however, that tickets may be pricey, so check out ‘IMAX Days’, when they are about half price.

Kino Muranów, Generała Anders Street
When you discover this cinema for the first time, you will find something magical about it and you will certainly return again and again. The beautiful fountain located at the small square just before the cinema building is like a sign that you are about to enter an unusual venue. Inside there are two screens and a cozy little café where you can drink a cup of tea or hot chocolate. The warm atmosphere of this place and a great choice of independent movies are all you need to fall in love with the art of cinema.

Multiplex Cinema, Zlote Tarasy, Zlota Street
Modern Multiplex Cinema in Złote Tarasy will make you smile. Beautiful venue, elegant bar, several screens, comfy seats and discount tickets for students. Cinema is located just across the street from Collegium Civitas in a famous shopping center.

During the summer, many outdoor cinemas are opened, one of the popular operates at the Elektrownia Powiśle.

Restaurants and cafe bars

Zbawiciela Square, located near Metro Politechnika Station, just one stop from the City Centre Station, is very a popular spot among students. Here you will find café-bars, popular bars and an inexpensive vegetarian restaurant. There are also many bars and restaurants on the Nowy Świat street. Milk Bars (Bary Mleczne) serve traditional Polish food at very low prices. There are a few located in the city center, as well as in other districts of Warsaw.

Charlotte, Chleb i Wino (Bread and Wine)
Although new, this has already become very popular. Enjoy the smell of fresh-baked bread and taste of Parisian bakery in the center of Warsaw. They have a great choice of delicious sandwiches. You can sit outside, sip a glass of wine and admire the picturesque view of Zbawiciela Square.

Plan B
This is a small bar that attracts lots of students every night. If you want to relax and curl up in a comfy couch while listening to smooth beats from regular DJs, this is the place for you. Very busy in the evenings this place is considered one of the most colourful alternative addresses of the city. Plan B often hosts exhibitions by young artists, as well as concerts and literature readings.

All lovers of busy café-bars will be much impressed by Karma. Bring your laptop – there is free Wi-Fi here – and you and your friends will enjoy coffee and delicious snacks at very reasonable prices. It is also a wonderful place to chill out if you feel like spending some time on your own just reading a book with a hot cup of cappuccino.

Greenway, Marszalkowska Street
This popular chain of inexpensive vegetarian restaurants offers a great selection of meals. The portions are large enough to satisfy your appetite and the food is really fantastic. The international menu includes Mexican goulash, vegetable curry, samosas and enchiladas. Every meal comes with a salad. Healthy and tasty food at reasonable prices – who can ask for more?

Milk Bar pod Barbakanem, Mostowa Street
Popular “milk bars” (not vendors of dairy products as the name would suggest!) look like they haven’t changed for decades and are still able to create a traditional atmosphere. Milk bars serve traditional Polish meals at budget prices. In these restaurants, you can feel the atmosphere of communist Warsaw. Milk bars were originally created in the sixties to serve cheap meals for the working class. They attract mostly students and senior citizens because of the low prices (a two-course meal may cost only 15.00 PLN).


Warsaw Rising Museum
Every Varsovian knows the history of the heroic act of the city residents during World War II. The museum helps visitors understand contemporary Warsaw through its tragic past. The Warsaw Uprising changed forever the face of the Polish capital.
The entrance to the museum is free on Mondays.

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
The museum is in the symbolic place which was inhabited mainly by Jews and transformed into a ghetto by the German Nazis during World War II. You will meet there with Jewish rich culture and heritage.
The entrance is free on Thursdays and on any other day tickets for students with valid student ID card is only 1 PLN.

NBP Money Centre
It is a Must-See in Warsaw. The Centre presents a great and interactive exhibition. Visiting this place is an opportunity to extend the knowledge about finances with a lot of fun by taking quizzes. Visitors can also play the role of the brokers, enter a safe and see what an ATM looks like inside.
The entrance to the museum is free!

Museum of Dollhouses
It is placed right in the Palace of Culture and Sciences, so our students can visit the museum after or even between classes. It is a good opportunity to take a small journey to childhood. The exhibition of the museum consists of over 120 carefully restored houses and rooms for dolls from various countries and eras.

National Museum
It is a unique place in Warsaw with a collection of over 830, 000 exhibits from all periods including paintings, sculptures, photographs, coins, drawings, as well as utilitarian objects and design. The museum is one of the oldest art museums in the country.
The entrance to the museum is free on Tuesdays.

Polish Vodka Museum
It is placed in the former Warszawska Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser vodka factory. The visitors can learn about the history of Polish vodka craft and taste the most famous vodka brands at the Vodka Academy.

Fryderyk Chopin Museum
The museum represents the story of the great composer Frederic Chopin who was born at Żelazowa Wola not far away from Warsaw and spent in the city his childhood and youth.
The entrance to the museum is free on Wednesdays.

Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów
It is a former residence of King Jan III Sobieski where he lived with his wife Maria. The museum has an amazing garden that turns into a Royal Garden of Light in winter and a perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city in summer.
The entrance to the museum is free on Thursdays and during November.


To find more museums to visit in Warsaw, their working hours and prices, please, check the following links:


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