Partnership for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation (PASSION)

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Project PASSION, Partnership for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation, is an international academic partnership for sustainable development and social innovation.

Students from Collegium Civitas and partner universities will increase their knowledge on environment and sustainable development through an interactive online course “Sustainable Development. How to solve complex environmental problems?”



Project website:

Pro-environmental attitudes and behavior in Poland, UK, Sweden, Greece, Portugal – report

Project goals:

  • exchange of knowledge and international academic experience in the field of education for sustainable development and social innovation
  • implementation of international comparative research taking into account the generation needs of X-Y-Z generations in the area of sustainable development and social innovation
  • developing competence profiles of potential leaders of change in the area of sustainable development and social innovation
  • creation of new and development of existing teaching methods and tools including research results
  • dissemination of research results and publication of international publications
  • dissemination of developed and tested learning tools in the field of sustainable development and social innovation.


Planned results:

  • Participants will deepen their knowledge of sustainable development and innovation during planned workshops
  • We will test selected teaching materials and tools during classes with students of partner universities
  • Analyses and social research carried out by the project team will allow the development of modern teaching materials
  • Research results will be presented in the form of reports, scientific articles and conference presentations
  • A new specialization program will also be developed under the name “Leaders of change”


Project leader: Collegium Civitas


Project partners:

Agricultural University of Athens, the Faculty of Agriculture Economics and Rural Development

University of Porto, the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto

University of Iceland Education Plaza

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The University of Northampton, Institute of Social Innovation and Impact

The Project is financed by the National Academic Exchange Agency as part of the “Academic International Partnerships” Program, based on Decision No. PPI / APM / 2019/1/00096/ DEC /01.


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