Investigative Journalism and Fact-Checking

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  1. Degree:
    Bachelor’s degree (undergraduate; Licencjat)
  2. Mode:
  3. Language of instruction:
  4. Duration of study:
    3 years (6 semesters)
  5. Field of study:
    Journalism and New Media

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Choose the specialization “Investigative Journalism and Fact Checking”, thanks to which you will be able to learn how to verify the information and conduct advanced journalist investigations.

Your 4 steps to acquire the skills of investigative journalist and fact-checker:

  • LEARN FROM THE BEST EXPERTS – The classes are conducted by experienced and regarded investigative journalists, media analysts, and fact-checkers.
  • WORK AGAINST DISINFORMATION – acquire the skills to recognize and work against disinformation. Find out what one of the biggest threats to the world in the XXI century actually is.
  • CONDUCT THE JOURNALIST INVESTIGATIONS – get to know the advanced tools and methods of gathering and analyzing information.
  • DISCOVER WHAT OTHERS WOULD WANT TO HIDE – the exploration of databases and registers available both online and offline and the exploration of the contents of social media will allow you to get unique skills and knowledge.


  • You will learn how to discover unknown information that is important for public opinion
  • You will get the skills of fact-gathering, analysis, and drawing conclusions on their basis, which may change the reality
  • You will get to know the threats for international security that are connected to information wars
  • You will learn how to distinguish disinformation and how to successfully fight this phenomenon that became one of the biggest plagues in the XXI century,
  • You will get access to complex advisory and coaching support from the Academic Career Center during the whole time of your studies
  • You will be studying in an international environment – 5th place among the most internationalized non-public universities in Poland
  • You will have access to international exchange programs and will be able to study abroad for one or two semesters
  • Collegium Civitas has the “Education Quality Leader” certificate that is distinguishing the most innovative, modern, and valuable study programs in Polish universities.

Where can you work after your studies:

  • You have a possibility to find work in the dynamically developing sector of verifying information,
  • As an investigative journalist, you get one of the most prestigious journalism professions
  • You get the competencies of an analyst that takes care of the security of information.


Collegium Civitas Admissions Office
phone: +48 508 929 652

room 1210, Palace of Culture and Science, 12th floor
1 Defilad Square, 00-901 Warsaw, Poland


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