Hybrid Teams Management in VUCA World with Implementation of IR 5.0

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Kierownikiem studiów jest dr Izabela Rećko.

Izabela Rećko, Ph.D. – Head of Hybrid Teams Management in VUCA World with Implementation of IR 5.0 and Digital Society: Transformation and Research at Collegium Civitas. Founder of several international digital, scientific and cultural startups and NGOs. Expert in the field of collective identity and individual identity in psychosomatic technological and virtual transformations. She is an expert in the analysis of communication, change and transformation in hybrid organizations, international organizations, and new technology and new media culture. She conducts research in the areas of self-awareness, embodied cognition and redefining humanity in the era of AI and living robots (xenobotics and development of synthetic biology applications). Izabela works on cyborgization and transhumanism in psychosomatic research and on designing methodologies that aim to produce submissive systems in the human-robot relationship. She specializes in ethnology, philosophy, social sciences and cognitive science.

M.A. Monika Beata Wikiera – Passionate, expert and practitioner in the area of management, organizational effectiveness, building committed teams and raising the competence of managers. Academic lecturer, as well as the author of study programs and workshops on leadership, teamwork, coaching, change management, conflict resolution, and the Train the Trainers course. She acquires experience and knowledge through her relationship with business and science. For many years he has held senior management positions and has been involved in interesting projects, which allows him to gain valuable practice and space to implement innovative solutions, methods and management tools; and above all – to implement the expected changes and team joy of success. In addition, as an experienced International Coach (ICC International Coaching Community) she conducts Executive Coaching sessions and Management Skills Training with the management staff of companies. She also specialized with strategic, personal, professional consulting and career coaching.
Graduate of: Economics, Finance and Banking, Foreign Trade, Social Economy, HR Business Partner. She also completed numerous courses and trainings in, among others, organization and human capital management, leadership, project management, coaching (executive, managerial, career, crisis), Nonviolent Communication – NVC, career counseling and psychosocial skills.

Zajęcia prowadzą:

Ph.D. Andrzej Wróbel – Sociologist, graduate of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw. In 2016 he defended his doctoral dissertation A comparative analysis of the dictionary of meanings in the press discourses of PO and PiS during the 2011 election campaign. His research interests focus on the Sociology of Politics, the role of image and leadership in contemporary society and the multiplicity of social worlds, communication and influence persuasion in decision-making, conflictual group identity construction, postcolonial politics, privatization of war, social dimension of fashion, and futurology.

Ph.D. Magdalena El Ghamari – Doctor of Social Sciences, in the field of peace-keeping and conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, specialising in analyses of the relationship between socio-religious and political factors/policymaking. Research and teaching fellow at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of Collegium Civitas (INPiSM) and Head of the Cultural Security Lab at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. Visiting Professor at Die Hochschule Fulda (Germany), International University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo), Kosovo International Summer Academy (Kosovo, Prishtina). Member of the Association of the Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions, Polish Society of Security Studies, Polish Society of International Studies, Polish-Albanian Society and the International Institute for Private, Commercial, and Competition Law in Tirana. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists. Trainer for: KFOR and EULEX Kosovo, CCOE NATO (Enschede Netherlands), Frontex (Warsaw), CEPOL (Budapest), UNESCO, Prison Service Intervention Groups, Border Guard, Police and PKW. Trainer of participants of Polish and international military contingents in the field of operations environment – Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya.

B.Eng. Salih Saraç – A computer programmer trained to handle issues and remain level headed. Offering over 10 years of programming expertise in IT field. Additionality, certified IB teacher and in ISO standards (CDP, Risk Management); experienced in agile systems. Specialist in cybersecurity, AI implementation in communication systems and applications. Passionate gamer and game developer.

Ph.D. Agnieszka Mączkowska – Doctor of Humanities, philosopher, ethicist, educator, university lecturer. She was educated both in Poland and abroad. She has extensive experience in the area of didactics at all levels of education. Agnieszka has conducted original field trip research in comparative religious studies using participant observation. Consultant and creator of travel research projects. She has participated (with a paper) in many international, as well as national congresses and conferences. Agnieszka is charismatic, appreciates contact with people from different cultural areas, likes cinema and sense of humor.

M.A. Damian Widera

M.A Karol Bąk – QRM Founder Poland.15 years of implementation experience in QRM, LEAN, AGILE, PM projects.

Ph.D. Mateusz Panek – Doctor of Business Administration. Doctor of Laws. Academic Lecturer. Supply Chain, Operations, Sustainability, Project, GDPR and Compliance Expert.