Generative AI: market trends, labor market impact and business applications

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The training explores the topic of generative AI, analyzing market trends, impact on future professions and innovative applications in various industries. Participants gain valuable insights on how to prepare for an AI-driven future.



A comprehensive workshop covering the scope:

  • Introduction (15 minutes)
    • Welcome and introduction
    • Overview of the lecture and workshop
    • Objectives and expected results
  • Generative artificial intelligence: an overview (30 minutes)
    • Definition of generative AI
    • Key concepts and technologies
    • brief history of generative AI and its relevance to students
    • Break (10 minutes)
  • Market trends in the area of generative AI (30 minutes)
    • Development of the generative AI industry
    • Key players in the market
    • Emerging technologies and innovations
    • Future prospects and predictions for students entering the labor market
  • Impact of generative AI on future careers (45 minutes)
    • Displacement of jobs caused by AI
    • The changing nature of work
    • New job opportunities and skill requirements for college graduates
    • Strategies for workforce adjustment and skills development
    • Lunch break (30 minutes)
  • Workshop: Applications of generative AI in various industries (1 hour)
    • Group activity: Identification of potential applications of generative AI in students’ fields of study
    • Presentation of group result



Educate students about generative AI, related market trends and potential impact on careers, while providing practical examples and strategies to prepare for an AI-driven future.



  1. Gaining a deeper understanding of Generative AI and its relevance to specific fields.
  2. Staying abreast of current market trends, key players and emerging technologies in the AI space.
  3. Developing an awareness of how AI can impact future careers, including job displacement, new opportunities and required skills.
  4. Learning strategies to adapt to the changing nature of work and develop AI-ready skills.
  5. Engaging in hands-on group activities to explore potential applications of AI in various industries.
  6. Building an informed AI mindset and considering ethical aspects and potential regulations in AI development.



Karol Nowalski specializes in AI applications, product management and process automation. Introduced and developed SaaS B2B services in 50+ markets; managed tech projects for with Ericsson, Apsys, JLL, Orange, McDonald’s and others.



Training date – 29.05.2023, 11:00-15:30, stationary at Collegium Civitas.



Applications are accepted to 28.05.2023 r.

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    DELIVER a COMPLETE D OKUMENTS to the Project Coordination Office
    As a reminder – the list of documents: Declaration of participation in the project; Form of participation in the project; Statement of participation in the project.



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