Covid-19: vaccination for foreigners

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On May 9 the registration for vaccination against COVID-19 will be available for adults of all age groups (18+ years old). Vaccination against COVID-19 for foreigners legally residing in Poland is free of charge. Collegium Civitas international students can use this opportunity. Even if you don’t have the PESEL number, you are eligible to get the vaccine. Please, take a moment to read about the registration requirements for foreigners.  

E-referral for vaccination for foreigners

How can you register for vaccination against COVD-19 if you do not have a PESEL number?

E-referrals are automatically issued for subsequent age groups, according to the year of birth. They are, therefore, issued to individuals who have a PESEL number and can check it using their online patient accounts (Internetowe Konto Pacjenta).

What about people who do not have a PESEL number because they are foreigners, but they have the right of residence because they work or study here or their family members live in Poland?

Regardless of whether:

  • you attend a school or a university in Poland,
  • you are a foreign PhD student,
  • you are a foreigner who has obtained a work permit,
  • you are a diplomat,
  • you are the spouse or child of one of the above-mentioned persons who has obtained the right of residence in Poland,

you should talk to your GP.

How e-referrals are issued by GPs

A GP has the right and is required to issue a referral for vaccination using the application. When issuing the referral, in the field “patient’s data”, the GP should select “Other identifier” (instead of “PESEL Number”) and enter the number of the identity document used by the eligible foreigner. Ideally, this should be a passport number or foreign identity card.

Do not forget to take your identity document with you the details of which were provided by your GP. Remember to use exactly the same identity document that was used to issue the e-referral, at every stage of the vaccination process.

Using the e-referral issued in the system, you can register for vaccination in one of the following ways:

  • by calling the helpline at 989,
  • by sending a text message (SMS): SzczepimySie at 664 908 556, or
  • directly at the selected vaccination centre convenient for you, for your place of residence/stay. See the map of vaccination centres.

Vaccination against COVID-19 for foreigners legally residing in Poland is free of charge.

You can register for vaccination at the appropriate time as specified in the schedule of vaccination for individual age groups:

5 May – born 1990-1991,

6 May – born 1992-1993,

7 May – born 1994-1996,

8 May – born 1997-1999,

9 May – born 2000-2003 – here the registration will be open for all adults (18+).

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