Civil Society and Media Diplomacy

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This innovative program, unique among European universities, explores the interplay between media, politics and civil society and is designed for ambitious students interested in pursuing careers in the media, non-governmental organizations, foreign service and international institutions. The state of the art courses cover the areas of communication, international relations and diplomatic studies.

Held at Collegium Civitas, in Warsaw, the vibrant capital of Poland, in the center of Europe, the program will give the participants in-depth knowledge about civil society development and social, economic and political transformation process with Central and Eastern Europe serving as a case study.

The program includes courses related to the global media and the phenomenon of media diplomacy in the information age, civil society in the digital era, democratic processes and challenges that can be observed around the world, emerging security issues threatening democratic states, public diplomacy and ethics in foreign affairs.  The program offers the unique combination of top expertise and hands-on experience during courses such as: Understanding Social Media, Effective Writing or Political Communication.

Among the lecturers are Polish and foreign experts, incl. former diplomats, security experts, journalists & communication scientists.

The students will be given the opportunity to work on their own research papers exploring topics related to civil society and media diplomacy. The best papers will be published.

Job prospects:

  • Public administration
  • Diplomacy
  • Media outlets
  • Non-Governmental Sector
  • International institutions