International Business and Negotiations

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  • Collegium Civitas offers you a wide range of teaching methods: traditional lectures, seminars, interactive learning (case study analysis), individual supervision within an international business group
  • studying international business can prepare you for positions across the public, private and non-profit sectors, for example in business, government, and international agencies
  • international business studies can be greatly beneficial for everyone who plans to pursue graduate studies in areas such as law or public policy where a robust knowledge of international business can be helpful
  • international business studies touch on courses and topics across a range of business fields, from finance and marketing to management and accounting;
  • in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular field; the same is true of international business, designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the global practices across a spectrum of business fields
  • your day-to-day work may revolve around international trade, global business operations and planning or industrial development
  • you will be prepared to become an independent thinker for either a home or small business, as well as a multinational firm


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