Society and Sustainability

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  1. Degree:
    Master’s degree (graduate; Magister)
  2. Mode:
  3. Language of instruction:
  4. Duration of study:
    2 years (4 semesters)
  5. Field of study:

Society and Sustainability Programme focuses on human-nature and society-environment interactions using a multidisciplinary approach to research areas, theoretical orientations and sociological methods. Within the framework of this specialisation, topics on environmental decision-making and public consultation, policy and education, energy justice, social movements for environmental protection and sustainable development goals (including EU directives, e.g. on ESG) are addressed. During the studies, students will be provided with practical tools for an in-depth analysis of environmental changes and climate change adaptation.
The workshops and case studies format of the courses allows for a combination of theory and practice; specifically, during the workshops, students will learn to identify socio-environmental conflicts and test potential future solutions to local and global challenges.

Graduates will not only learn about socio-theories but will also participate in practical team activities to assess their aptitude to work in various sectors (business, administration, or NGO) and develop the skills required for future careers in data analysis, infrastructure project implementation and innovative environmental initiatives, which require communication with clients, government officials, and other stakeholders.

Graduates will also be able to analyze complex sustainability issues using a variety of analytical tools and understand the social, cultural, political and economic context. During their studies, they will develop competencies in systemic and strategic thinking and will develop the social competencies necessary to carry out projects related to environmental management, well-being, infrastructure development and policy within a local and international scope.


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