Strategic Peace and Conflict Studies

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Strategic Peace and Conflict Studies programme is run by both institutions: Collegium Civitas and UNITAR.

Its supervisor is Ms. Katarzyna A. Przybyła – expert in the field who created the programme International Peace and Conflict Studies (IPACS) at Collegium Civitas in 2018 (the current SPACS programme is based on the IPACS experience and curriculum). Katarzyna was a Fulbright Scholar at Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame, IN, US (2014-2015) and the GMF’s Marshall Memorial Fellow (2017-2018). In the past she worked in the National Security Bureau of Poland and cooperated with human rights organizations in Israel/Palestine. She is also an editor. Her areas of interests include: peace and conflict studies, nonviolent resistance, US and Russia foreign policies, former Soviet Union, critical thinking and analysis.

Among the lecturers in the programme are renowned experts from Collegium Civitas and from the The United Nations Institute for Training and Research.