Public Relations, Marketing, New Media

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  1. Rodzaj studiów:
    I stopnia (licencjackie)
  2. Tryb studiów:
  3. Język wykładowy:
  4. Czas trwania studiów:
    3 lata (6 semestrów)
  5. Kierunek:

Do you agree with the statement: „If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist”? Nowadays not only companies and corporations, but also political parties, offices and non-governmental organizations have little chance of success if they don’t know how to effectively promote themselves by building effective relationship with environment. Public Relations, Marketing and New Media specialisation at Collegium Civitas will give you an answer, how to find and attract new customers and what techniques should you use to make your brand more visible to a wider audience.


During the studies you will gain knowledge in:

  • modern marketing and PR principles,
  • media relations,
  • internal and external PR,
  • CSR,
  • market research techniques.


You will gain practical skills in:

  • preparing and implementing of marketing and PR plans;
  • using marketing tools, including the Internet and research;
  • creating brand awareness campaigns;
  • planning and coordinating marketing campaign;
  • creative thinking and acting;
  • interpersonal communication;
  • self-presentation.


Job perspectives:

  • advertising agencies,
  • media houses,
  • marketing agencies,
  • PR agencies,
  • event and ambient agencies,
  • marketing, promotion and PR departments in international companies,
  • media (Internet, television, newspapers, radio).

Dział Rekrutacji Collegium Civitas
tel. 22 656 71 89

pokój 1210, Pałac Kultury i Nauki, 12 piętro
plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa