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The Institute for Management Research was established at Collegium Civitas to develop studies in the area of Management sciences. This research covers issues belonging to individual subdisciplines of Management sciences – both theoretical and practical – and concerns all types of organisations and levels of management.

The perspective of humanistic management and management aesthetics occupies a special place among the research interests of the Institute’s employees. Humanistic management – emphasising the dignity of people functioning in various roles within the organisation – combines, among others, concepts of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, business ethics and conscious capitalism, thus presenting a separate research paradigm based on the broadly understood humanities. This new paradigm challenges the neoliberal “economist” approach, conditioned solely on economic profit, which dominates the management theory and practice of the 20th century and treats humans as one of the resources available to the organisation in achieving economic goals. Instead, the humanistic paradigm emphasises the need to protect the dignity and well-being of the individual and the conscious and sustainable use of resources, expanding the range of economic goals to include a range of non-economic issues. In turn, the aesthetics of management – from an interdisciplinary perspective taking into account the achievements and tools of aesthetics and the practice of artistic performance – allows us to look at management and organisations as processes and phenomena that go far beyond the physical sphere of human activity, thanks to which the issues of motivation, creativity, artistry, virtuosity, kitsch and ignorance acquire new cognitive dimensions absent in the current discourse within management sciences.

The Institute aims to open new perspectives for theoretical reflection, develop recommendations for management practice, and develop modern methodological approaches based on interdisciplinarity. This interdisciplinarity of employees and researchers associated with the Institute allows using conceptual and methodological apparatus and practical experience, among others, from fields such as art, aesthetics, ethics, psychology, sociology, political science and linguistics. The implemented research projects analyse reality and develop cognitive horizons that describe the complexity of the world of organisation and management in a new language.



Head of the Institute for Management Research 

dr hab. Michał Szostak, prof. CC 



dr Muhammad Kamran 

dr Andrzej Kondej 

dr Piotr Kosiak 

dr Adrian Lis 

dr Eliza Nowacka 

dr Roland Pac 

dr Mudassira Sarfraz 







Institute for Management Research
Palace of Culture and Science, 12th floor 

Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warsaw 


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