Centre for Diplomacy and Negotiation

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The Collegium Civitas Centre for Diplomacy and Negotiation (CDN) is established in response to the increasing unpredictability of the international environment and the changing architecture of security and international relations.

The Centre pursues its objectives by conducting expert, analytical, educational and opinion-forming activities. It provides a venue for debate between experts, officials, politicians and NGO leaders.

The Centre responds to the need to analyse new arenas of disputes between states and to support increased diplomatic action related to them. It engages in the development of long-term strategies and plans in negotiation processes, as well as providing rapid analyses and conducting consultations between parties to international disputes.

In its initiatives, the Centre is guided by the fundamental values of respect for freedom, international law, in particular human rights, and the pursuit of peaceful relations in the international environment.

The Centre aims to integrate the community of leaders and experts working in the field of international politics and to promote the enlargement of NATO and the EU as the foundations of security in Europe.

The Director of Centre for Diplomacy and Negotiation is Mr. Marcin Bużański.

The Centre bases its activities on 4 initiatives:

  • Modelling and analysis of international negotiation processes;
  • Analysis of international conflicts;
  • Reforming international institutions;
  • Building a global network of leaders and experts.

The main objectives of the Centre will be implemented through the following activities:

  • Analysing the dynamics of international conflicts and developing recommendations for responses to crises.
  • Modelling multilateral international negotiation processes.
  • Conducting analytical, journalistic, educational activities in Poland and at the international level – offering services and support to national and international actors.
  • International relations foresight, forecasting and scenario-building.
  • Fostering dialogue for the adaptation of public policies to major contemporary challenges in international relations and responses to crises and conflicts.
  • Building Poland’s position and supporting experts to develop careers in key international institutions around the world.
  • Establishing relationships with experts and opinion leaders in topics of interest to the Centre – with a focus on creating a network of individuals ready to act and address contemporary challenges.
  • Collaborating with other institutions such as universities, research institutes, international organisations, business and social circles.



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