Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean

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The Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean is a joint initiative of Collegium Civitas and Professor Andrzej Dembicz Foundation. The Center will conduct research, didactics and provide a platform for discussion about the economy, politics, culture and contemporary challenges in the region. The main role of the new center will be studying on contemporary political, economic and social processes in Latin America, also taking into account the context of international relations and the place of Latin America in a globalized world.

The main areas of research included: 

  • Economic and political international and multilateral cooperation of the Latin American and Caribbean region and its individual states, in particular with Central and Eastern Europe and Asia; 
  • Economic and political regional and local processes; 
  • Social risks in Latin America; 
  • Social and cultural transformations of Latin American countries in the 21st century; 
  • Intercultural dialogue and political discourse in Latin America and the Caribbean; 
  • New social and political movements in Latin America. 


One of the first projects of the new center will be postgraduate studies “Latin America: Business and Culture” – an innovative program developed in cooperation between lecturers, experts, and practitioners.

Professor Andrzej Dembicz (1939-2009) was a Polish scientist, an outstanding expert on Latin America. Professor Andrzej Dembicz Foundation was founded in 2014 by the Professor’s family. Its mission is to support the development and popularization of Latin American studies in Poland and to work towards strengthening relations and economic cooperation between Poland and Latin America and the Caribbean, in the spirit of the academic legacy of Professor Andrzej Dembicz.

Collegium Civitas is one of the leading Polish non-public universities. The position of a leader in internationalization is provided by Collegium Civitas, a large number of lecturers from renowned world universities, a rich offer of studies in English and student exchange with universities from around the world – young people from over 60 countries in the world learn at Collegium Civitas. The establishment of the Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean is another initiative that fits in with the strategy of further strengthening the international position of Collegium Civitas.


Dr Piotr Łaciński – Director

Dr hab. Katarzyna Dembicz – Deputy Director


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