Collegium Civitas Energy Seminar

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The Energy Seminar is an initiative created by academic experts and business practitioners dealing with broadly defined energy issues. It has been functioning since April 2015. Thanks to regular meetings organized by Collegium Civitas, members of the Seminar have the opportunity to engage in insightful, factual and substantive discussions around energy-related issues in Poland and Europe.

The website of the Collegium Civitas Energy Seminar: 

The results of our work are published in an interdisciplinary scientific journal, “Energy – Society – Politics” (e-ISSN 2450-2545). The journal is available for free of charge on the website of the Energy Seminar and the Scientific Journals Online.


The title of our journal, “Energy – Society – Politics”, contains the following message: the impact of politics on decision-making processes in the energy industry needs to be balanced by the influence of civil society.


The game of interests inside the power industry and between the power industry and government institutions leads to a systemic subordination of the power industry to the changing political situation. The current forms of public consultation and opinion polling by government institutions do not guarantee consensus between the participants of economic and political processes. 

The essence of the Energy Seminar is to create an environment for a creative exchange of ideas and views. We combine academic, cognitive aspirations with profound knowledge of economic practitioners, experts and managers, and representatives of social organizations, including trade unions in the field of energy. We create conditions for representatives of various stakeholders interested in the direction of the energy transition to participate in the debate. As consumers, we are looking for solutions that will help us combine maintaining low energy prices with the possibility of choosing a clean and safe energy source and active participation in the energy market. Consumer participation is about expanded outreach procedures, systematic energy awareness surveys, and widespread energy education and opening the market to distributed and civic energy. 

We stand for strengthening the presence of factual factors in decisions concerning the strategy for the development of the Polish energy sector. It is crucial to adopt the principle of allowing a wide range of independent experts, specialized scientific institutes and universities to participate in the process of preparing the strategy. It is equally important to create conditions for multi-faceted scientific research on Polish energy sector development directions, carried out in cooperation with many environments and disciplines.   

We popularise the activities of the Energy Seminar through the journal “Energy – Society – Politics” as well as by conveying the results of our debates and analyses to the representatives of state institutions, reaching the opinion-forming elites and the public opinion with a reliable and understandable message on the subject of the energy transition.   

The Head of Collegium Civitas Energy Seminar is Paweł Ruszkowski, CC Professor. 




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