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The Center for Public Policy is a research and development unit dealing with the analysis and monitoring of mechanisms for creating, implementing and evaluating public policies. The Center’s goal is to support the process of developing and implementing effective public policies, taking into account the principle of the common good and the values and expectations of a wide range of stakeholders. The Center analyzes problems and challenges faced by public authorities, in particular the analysis of public interventions as a response to current and future problems. 

The Center is also a place for meetings and exchange of views between researchers, experts, officials and leaders of non-governmental organizations and the space for initiating debates regarding public authorities’ response to existing and anticipated problems and threats. The meetings implemented as part of the Public Policy Observatory are also an opportunity to develop recommendations for existing or future public policies. 



 The Center’s activity is based on the assumption that solving social problems requires an interdisciplinary approach combining the achievements of sociology, political science, public management, economics or legal sciences, and public policy analyzes can not be limited to the learning environment, but should be carried out with representatives government and self-government administration responsible for the preparation and implementation of public policies, as well as with the participation of social partners (stakeholders) representing NGOs, trade unions or entrepreneurs. 


Subject of study 

 The multiplicity and complex nature of social problems combined with the growing expectations of citizens and interested communities require constant improvement and professionalization of public activities.Research and analyzes conducted by an interdisciplinary team of researchers use innovative approaches and methods, allowing for a better understanding of the factors affecting the quality of public policies and the formulation of recommendations for practitioners. The subject of the Center’s interest are both sectoral and horizontal policies (including health protection policy, education, labor market, public safety). 


Didactic activity 

 The Center also conducts teaching activities within the framework of education programs for second-degree students and post-graduate studies for people working in public administration, research centers, non-governmental organizations and other institutions involved in the planning and implementation of public policies. 

 The effects of public policies depend to a decisive extent on well-educated specialists who have both in-depth knowledge of the ongoing social and economic changes, and professional skills in the use of analytical and management methods to prepare and implement effective solutions. 

Master’s programs and post-graduate programs are based on the best models of leading foreign universities and are a combination of current knowledge in the field of sociology, economics, management and political science with methods of its practical use (ability to analyze complex problems, plan public interventions, communicate with the environment, conduct social dialogue or strengthening responsibility for the public good). 

The programs are the result of cooperation under the Collegium Civitas agreement with Radbound University (the Netherlands), one of the leading universities offering teaching programs in the field of public administration and public policies, holding the European accreditation of the Master of Public Administration.


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