Digital Civilization Observatory

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The Digital Civilization Observatory (former Center for Research on New Media Collegium Civitas) is a multidisciplinary research center. The subject area around which research is focused, is related to the social aspects of media digitization and the impact of new technologies on changes in society.    

Areas of interest of the Observatory include among others:  

  • analysis of discourse in digital media, in particular monitoring and analysis of statements in social media,  
  • examination of content published in social media understood as the arena of information war,  
  • image of minorities in the Polish media, 
  • the impact of digital communication (digital coding) on the creation of social worlds, 
  • populism as a political phenomenon in the context of communicationfilter bubbles, post-truth 


The director of the Observatory is Dr. Marek Troszyński. 

The Observatory participates in research projects: 

  • ‘We, the People’: political discourses of ‘us‘ and ‘them‘. Poland in a comparative perspective “, London School of Economics (LSE) and Collegium Civitas;  
  • YouVoteEU, European Commission grant under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship program, construction and location of a portal promoting the idea of an informed choice of candidates to the European Parliament 
  • Content monitoring of the internet discourse on Ukrainians in Poland, for the Union of Ukrainians in Poland;  
  • Historical cultures in the process of change: reconciliation of memory, history and identity in contemporary Central and Eastern Europe’, grant of NCN, IPS PAN and Collegium Civitas, analysis of media discourse in Poland and Ukraine.    





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