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Human Rights Centre (HRC) is a scientific, research, analytical, educational, training, advisory, and service unit operating within the organizational structures of Collegium Civitas. The main goal of the HRC is to contribute to the contemporary discourse on human rights, particularly in aspects related to the development of the sociology of human rights, business and human rights, and the evolution of human rights in the 21st century. 

HRC tasks include:  

  • Conducting scientific research. 
  • Developing expert opinions and analyses. 
  • Publishing the results of conducted research.  
  • Conducting teaching activities in the field of human rights at Collegium Civitas.  
  • Organizing scientific conferences and research seminars. 
  • Organizing workshops and trainings.  
  • Cooperation with civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, the businesses, trade unions, industry organizations and public institutions both in Poland and abroad.  
  • Cooperation with similar research centers in Poland and abroad.  
  • Building a network of experts and practitioners operating in the HRC’s areas of interest. 

The main research areas of HRC:  

  • sociology of human rights, 
  • business and human rights,  
  • regulatory trends in relation to business and human rights,  
  • reporting of human rights issues by companies,  
  • human rights in the context of environment protection and climate change,  
  • human rights and new technologies. 


We cordially invite everyone interested in the Collegium Civitas Human Rights Center’s research areas to cooperate. 


dr Jacqueline Kacprzak


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